My Yoga TTC – Am i good enough to do this?

Just over a week until I leave for India to start my 200 hour yoga teacher training.

I have so many different feelings. The main being excitement, however I’m starting to feel nervous about the intensity of the course.

You’ll have seen my post about the daily schedule, which looks amazing, but I’m starting to wonder how I will cope with 5.30am starts, 2 hours of intense asana every day, strict diet and no communications with my friends and family back home. Living with a group of people I’ve never met before.

People have told me that the TTC course is amazing, but it really breaks you down, there will be so many changes to my usual everyday life, and having been to India before I’m also slightly worried that I might get sick, and not be able to complete the course, and then i will have wasted so much time and effort.

My main worry though, has been that I won’t be good enough!! I was chatting to a good friend about this a few days ago. What if everyone is better than me? what if I can’t do some of the advanced poses? And she reassured me in a way that I always re-assure her and others when talking about yoga, that yoga is for everyone, it’s not a competition, its a way of life, you do the best that you can do.

The main ingredient for yoga is passion, and determination, and love and a willingness to always be learning. Hearing these words from my friend made me realise that I do have a passion for this, and I would not leave to live in an Ashram for a month if this wasn’t something that I really wanted to do and really had a true dedication to.

Yes there may be people on the course that have been practicing for longer than me, or have more knowledge than i do at the moment, but I have a passion and a love for this and I want this to become a life long journey where i can also teach others.

So I am a little scared, and I am little nervous, but overall i have passion for Yoga so I know I can do this!


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