Laser eye surgery story

Does laser eye surgery hurt? NO!

Here’s a little story about my laser eye surgery.

I didn’t start wearing glasses until i left university about 8 years ago. Watching tv became a strain and when i started my driving lessons i found i couldn’t see road signs eeekkk.

After a few years of glasses for driving and telly i took the plunge of getting contact lenses and have been wearing them just about every day for the last 5 years or so.

I made the decision that i wanted to get laser surgery a few years ago, when i was travelling around India and South East Asia. No matter how hard i tried to keep my hands and eyes clean, i always ended up getting infections and sore eyes wearing my monthly lenses. India was the worst place for it, i ended up looking like a swollen goldfish after a day in Mumbai, due to dodgy Bollywood make up that gave me conjunctivitis (Bollywood is a totally different story!!) .

Anyways, It was not pretty! So as soon as i booked my yoga TTC in Khajuraho India, i promised myself that i wouldn’t go back to India, or travelling without getting my eyes lasered. The thought of it terrified me, having to have my eyes sliced open whilst i was awake with my eyes clamped open was the stuff of nightmares, but nothing could be worst that the bane of my life contact lenses.

i found a place Accuvision in Parsons Green, London, that had good reviews and i booked in my consultation. I was wary as the price was much lower than other places I’d seen, which was a bonus, but also made me nervous. The consultation went well, and I booked in my surgery for Friday 14th September.

Endless to say I was petrified on the day, I wanted it done so badly but I’ve not been so scared about something for a long time, I presumed they’d give me a Valium and made my way over to West London. I was wrong about the Valium, so I calmed myself with my yogic breathing and after a few tests and check ups they took me into the surgery room. The surgeon (Simon Levy) was great, and I had lovely Sri Lankan lady holding my hand. It took around 4 minutes per eye (apparently) and I was in no pain whatsoever.

They numbed my eye with anaesthetic eye drops and even though I could see, it was really blurry and I really had no idea what was going on.

Firstly they ‘cut the flap’ manually which is the weirdest sensation as you feel quite a bit of pressure on your eye so that you can’t move it, but it doesn’t last long and still it doesn’t hurt. Once it’s been cut they do the lasering, I had to keep focusing on a green light, the only way I know that the laser was happening was because I could smell the burning, which was crazy, and weird and a bit freaky, still no pain though. And then it was done.

They sent me to sit in the waiting room, for half an hour before a few more checks and then a taxi home. My eyes were very watery for a few hours, and it felt better to have them closed, but this only lasted a few hours, and by 8pm I was watching grand designs.

I went back for a check up the next day and everything was fine. I was tired for a day, but generally in good spirits and still no pain or really any discomfort. The experience overall was amazing, I’m still calling it a miracle. I’ve heard stories where people have been in pain for a week or had very dry eyes, but I’ve been totally fine, and its the best thing I’ve ever had done.

I’m now on my way to india with 20/20 vision and nothing to worry about.


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