Meditation in Italy



Thursday 10th April to Monday 14th April 2014

“There is a soulful aspect to the rich experience of eating a meal in the place where its ingredients were grown and harvested. A natural compliment to the Locavore movement, yoga expands our awareness of the subtle energies around us, deepening our connection to all that a farm based feast offers”


Monestevole Eco-Community is set in a small, traditional Umbrian community based in a 15th century farm hamlet perched on a ridge over-looking 47 hectares of olive-groves, vineyards and woodlands. At this beautiful location, they have built a model sustainable community that celebrates the best of traditional Umbrian living, providing a beautiful, rejuvenating and inspiring home and experience.


The yoga classes have been tailored to suite all levels, and those with little or no experience are welcome.

Morning classes will be a gentle and energising Hatha yoga practice, aimed at easing you into the day ahead. Afternoon classes will be more dynamic and incorporate flowing movements, building up strength and flexibility, and learning new and energising sequences. Pranayama breath control will be incorporated into the practice, these help to calm and focus our mind and balance our Prana (energy body).

In our evening session we will be focusing on proper relaxation and meditation. We will practice Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), and several meditation techniques. These session will be aimed to help you on your way to a restful nights sleep.


Food at Monestevole is all grown locally, deep in Umbrian traditions, rich in culinary knowledge. The meats are grass fed from the Umbertide valley, the oil and jams, tomato sauce and vegetables are all from Monestevole. The wine is from the nearby vineyards. Vegetarian options are available, please confirm when booking.

“The food served on the retreat will allow us to experience a greater sense of connection to the rhythms and energies that sustain us”



All classes are included in your stay, however these are optional. Classes are suitable for all levels. Schedule is subject to change slightly. Private sessions can be booked with Lauranza at an additional cost, please contact for details.

  • 7am – tea / fruit juice
  • 8am – 9.30am – Morning Gentle Yoga – Asana and Pranayama
  • 10am – Breakfast
  • 11am – Free time to help out on the farm, planting, pruning, harvesting, preserving, cooking, feeding farm animals, nurturing or horse riding. Or you can just relax by the pool!
  • 2pm – Lunch
  • 4.30pm – 6.00pm – Afternoon Dynamic Yoga
  • 7.30pm – Dinner
  • 8.45 – 9 .30 pm – Proper relaxation or Meditation ( one of each will take place 2 of the 4 evenings)


Cost for 4 night retreat including accommodation, food, drinks, wine, Yoga and meditation. (Flights are not included in the price.)

  • Double room with en-suite bathroom – £423
  • Double / Twin room – Shared bathroom – £355
  • Beautiful open plan Bunk room (5 sharing) – £355

£100 deposit. 10% discount for Early bird booking before 25th January 2014 *Add 20% for single room occupancy To Book your place or ask any further questions email

“During your stay, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a way of life that’s been going on for centuries. It’s a community experience, adventure and retreat rolled into one.”


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