Homemade shampoo recipe

I am allergic to everything, well, maybe not everything, but definitely certain shampoos and conditioners. I’m still yet to discover exactly what it could be but generally i get little red hive type spots around the back of my head and on my neck when i used some shampoos’ So…. i decided to try and make my own.

Shop shampoos have soooo many chemicals in so here’s my recipe for a totally natural alternative:

Ingredients are:
1/2 cup of coconut milk
2/3 cup of castile soap
Tsp coconut oil
Tsp almond oil
Few drops of lavender essential oil

I’ve also started using cider vinegar as a conditioner. it’s amazing. gets rid of excess residue, removes grease and you can take a quick gulp of it whilst your in the shower to also clean out your insides 🙂


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