What is Bikram yoga?

What is Bikram yoga?  – Bikram is HOT yoga, not just a little bit hot but really really hot.

I’ve been to ‘hot’ yoga classes and i’ve been to Bikram and let me tell you, there is a difference!

Classes are a series of 26 poses, in a sequence that never changes. The classes are taken in a room with a temperature of 105 degrees and a typical humidity of 40%.

Bikram focuses on proper alignment and different breathing techniques which will probably make you feel a bit weird if you’ve never done yoga before, teamed with the fact that everyones nearly naked because the room is so HOT!

The classes are 90 minutes long. Your first time will probably be challenging, i found the hardest thing staying in the room, however as the sequence stays the same, the more you go the easier it becomes.

Top tip: Wear waterproof or no mascara, my first experience was a panda eye nightmare! 


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