Temple yoga - Pushkar

Holy Pushkar and a bit of Yoga in a temple

This was my second visit to pushkar, and needles to say i wasn’t disappointed.

After four crazy, stressful days in Delhi and a slight stint of Delhi belly, we were pleased to arrive in a more calming and magical place.

Pushkar is one of the holiest places in India, locals, say ‘the’ holiest, but im not too sure thats true. Everywhere is vegetarian, eggs are off the menu too, kissing is forbidden and there isn’t a drop of alcohol insight, although we did see some suspicious looking cans at Baba’s restaurant.

We arrived after a harrowing 14 hour sleeper bus ride, and settled in at the milkman guesthouse. proper duvets, a quaint roof terrace and the best bananas lassi’s around, meant it was definitely worth the 350 rupees a night (£4).

Banana Lassi at Milkman Guesthouse
Banana Lassi at Milkman Guesthouse

There are quite a lot of places offering yoga in Pushkar, I decided to go to Dr Kamal Pandy, yoga teacher and Dr of Naturopathy. Kamal was a small sweet man, his classes pulled me in as it was held on the roof of an old temple, with the most amazing back drop for the morning Surya Namaska.

Kamal teaches classical hatha yoga, however, the lesson was slightly different to classes I’ve been to before. We started with Nadi shodhan, which is similar to Anolum Vilom, but you don’t retain the breath, we did 20 rounds of this. Surya Namaska (sun salutation) was also different, we did 3 rounds only on the right side. This was the only warm up and we then moved on to Uddiyana -Bandha or the Raising of the Diaphragm, this is a great exercise for the abdomen. It  has therapeutic value and is used mainly for curing diseases like constipation, dyspepsia and liver troubles. The rest of the class flowed nicely, we did sarvangasana ( shoulderstand) on the days that we didn’t do shirshasana (headstand) where as I prefer to do both in a class, we did a whole back bending series and worked on my full bow. Kamal told me that I should teach yoga back home, as I am very flexible, I told him I’d just done my teacher training, and he told me I should do another month with him in Pushkar which made me laugh.

Alongside the yoga, Kamal showed me how to tell why someone is sick by feeling a pulse in the belly button, he then proceeded to prod my stomach so hard to feel this pulse i nearly threw up all over him. apparently, If its central, you are well, if its to the right you have constipation and if to the left you have the runs. He said mine to was slightly to the right and pulled my left big toe so hard my leg nearly came out the socket. Very strange experience, that could only happen in India.

I had a few lessons with kamal whilst in Pushkar, he was a really lovely man. The cost was 250 ruppees for an hour and a half amd classes are at 9 am and 5pm each day. Kamal does teacher training courses, cleansing techniques, meditation and personal health counselling.

Aside from the yoga, we also rode the oldest push bikes in the world to a nearby village, ate in a weird green house, ate lots of pizzas, tried to get in the brahma temple on the same day as 1 million Indians and failed miserably, sat on many roof terraces overlooking the lake, bough new books to read and saw lots more cows.

Me in Pushkar
Me in Pushkar

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