tomato soup juice

Trick your brain into thinking your eating when on a juice cleanse.

This recipe is so tasty, but its also a bit of a life saver when your on a juice cleanse and if you’re like me ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS EAT!

So i came up with this sneaky way to trick your mind into thinking your having a lovely dinner.
If you’re like me, you like food, alot! Eating is a big part of my day, its really a big part of every hour of my day. i love food, i love cooking, i love eating, i love talking about food. So the idea of a juice cleanse is slightly terrifying. However i know all the benefits of a good cleanse and for the last few years, i’ve given my body and mind a spring clean by doing a juice cleanse.
For 5 days i eat nothing, not one solid thing goes past my lips. everything that goes inside me has been juiced down to a glass full of green or orange or sometimes merky brown goodness.
The mornings are always fine, and lunch is tricky, but i can normally find a way to distract myself from eating. i’ll go to the shops, or go for a walk outside my office. When it comes to dinner though, that’s a different story. When i get home from work, we plan, make and talk about food. Even though i’m juicing, my boyfriend (Ed) isn’t so he’s there cooking away and i’m wondering what to do with myself. Its not even the fact that i’m hungry, its just this is what i should be doing when i get home from work.
So i deicided to trick myself into think i was having a dinner, or more precisely a soup, a lovely hearty tasty soup. And it truly was delicious. Here’s how…..
Dinner – Healthy bloody Mary ‘soup’
6 – 8 vine ripened tomatoes,
Two big handfuls of spinach,
two big handfuls of rocket,
two big handfuls of chard,
2 carrots
1 apple
half a red pepper.
Juice everything together.
NOW HERE’S THE IMPORTANT BIT. Pour your juice into a nice big bowl, make sure you do this and don’t put it into a glass.
Lay the table, with a spoon to eat your soup with.
Then sit down at the table and slowly eat and savour every mouthful of your delicious healthy soup, one spoonful at a time.
It really is the perfect way to trick your brain into thinking your eating a meal.

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