Mens yoga

Here come the boys….

Hey guys, fancy some Broga? For many years the general consensus in the western world has been that Yoga is for girls, which is surprising as originally yoga was only ever practiced by men.

Most men would cringe at the thought of stretching out on a lovely pink mat, in a sweet smelling room, with a load of ladies in lycra and It’s only recently that people’s ideas and perceptions of yoga have changed.
But why is this? Well lets not state the obvious. The mental and physical benefits of yoga can not be dismissed, and why should only women benefit from them.

A lot of men worry that yoga is not appropriate for them, men are not always as flexible as women and this is one of the things that can be off putting. Remember to always keep in mind FLEXIBILTY IS NOT A PREREQUISITE FOR YOGA! and if you look at the facts, men have a lot to gain from yoga and are welcomed in almost every situation.

We have a quite a few well known sports men to thank for this masculinisation of Yoga in the western world. Andy Murray praised his Bikram yoga classes for being the reason he was able to win Wimbledon and Ryan Giggs has been practicing and preaching about yoga for years.

So if your a man, and your thinking of taking up a regular ‘Broga’ practice, here are a few things you might like to know

1. Yoga builds up muscle, which is great, but it also helps you connect with your mind. Yoga is specifically designed to connect your body with your mind and has a lasting effect on both.

2. Heart disease and hypertension are well treated by yoga. The various poses in yoga can help cut down on blood pressure, improve circulation and fight off cholesterol and fat.

3. Relieves back and neck pain. great for anyone that works long hours at a desk or sitting at a computer. Stretching and moving the spine, to make it more strong and supple is one of the main objectives.

4. PMA – Positive Mental Attitude!

5. Energy, Give me energy!!! Start practicing yoga regularly and you will find yourself with more energy to do the things you want to do.

6. General health, well being and lust for life. Yoga works like cardiovascular exercise and will help cut down body fat and at the same time, increase muscle mass.

The health benefits of yoga extend far further than the body. Yoga makes you focused, gives you piece of mind, increases your mental state, reduces stress, helps you sleep better……etc, etc, etc

My class at Stour space last night was 80% male dominated. Its not just for the girls anymore, so come along and try it for yourself.


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