pinch mayurasana

What is Vinyasa yoga

What is Vinyasa flow yoga?  – Vinyasa or dynamic yoga focuses on coordination of breath and movement.

Its a physically active form of yoga that can be quite intensive, but can also be done in a slower environment depending on the class you attend.

Classes consist of flowing movements from pose to pose or asana to asana with constant focus and concentration being on the breath.

Vinyasa Yoga is great if you like a bit more variety in your classes, as sessions normally differ each time. my favorite type of vinyasa flow is to music too, if you close your eyes and let the music guide you, nothing else matters!

A vinyasa is also a short sequence consisting of plank or Chaturanga Dandasana followed by cobra or upward pacing dog pose, followed by downward facing dog.

Top tip: Try out Yoga on the lane in Hackney. By far my favourite studio, they do a variety of classes for different levels, the studio is beautiful and the teachers are lovely. 



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