Natural dry shampoo recipe

Cheap easy & natural alternative to dry shampoo

For me, dry shampoo is a god send, i love how it can transform my fine, oily hair into hair that looks and feels fresh and clean, when i haven’t washed it for a few days.

Until a month or so ago i was still using Batiste dry shampoo, i’d tried a few brands but i always found Batiste to be the best. What i didn’t realise though was the amount of chemicals it has in the ingredients.

I’ve been no poo for 7 weeks now. For those that have never heard of no poo, it simply means i’ve stopped using shop bought shampoos and i make my own with natural household ingredients. I’m doing this to:

  1. Try to stretch my washes so that my hair doesn’t look greasy after one day of not washing
  2. Stop stripping my hair  of all its natural oils so it can use those oils to become really healthy
  3. Stop putting harmful chemicals on my hair and skin and move to a more natural routine

(another post to come shortly on my no poo journey)

Below is the ingredients list in Batise, there is only one product in here (Oryza Sativa Starch) that doesn’t contain chemicals or have some sort of allergenic property in it.


Most of these items can be found in this database of hazardous materials if you want to investigate further

So if i wanted to stop using chemicals on my hair and skin, this meant no more Batiste!

But no more Batiste, doesn’t mean no more dry shampoo. The following natural recipe is just as good, maybe even better.

Its so cheap and really simple to make and its not even really a recipe as it only has one ingredient.

Arrow root – i bought this for £1.79 from my local health food shop, the bag is huge and will last me for months.

I have dark hair so i mix a table spoon of arrow root with a teaspoon of cocoa powder. Blondes could just use arrow root, red heads could mix with a bit of beetroot powder. i mix in a little pot and then brush on with a make up brush or small paint brush. You can just use your fingers if you like, or add to any empty spice jar, whatever is easiest for you.

The results are awesome and my hair smells lovely and chocolatey too. I’ve thrown away my left over, chemically charged Batise and i’ll never go back.

Just another way to cut out chemicals and go natural. Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes :)x


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