Autumn equinox yoga flow class

Autumn equinox yoga flow for Finding balance (video)

This Thursday 22nd September is the Autumn equinox and the perfect time to reflect and bring balance into both your life and your yoga practice.

The Equinox is the point where the sun shines directly over the equator. This only happens twice a year, once in spring and once in Autumn and it signifies the moment when both the day and the night are of equal lengths and light and dark are perfectly balanced.

As the darker nights draw in, we often have a slight phase of mourning for the sunshine and long days, but after a long and busy summer, i’m starting to feel ready for what Autumn has to offer. I love the idea of being able to hibernate in my new home, the beautiful rich colours that autumn brings to nature, early dark nights where i can drink warm teas and evenings spent cooking delicious hearty meals.

The equinox is the perfect time to turn inwards and reevaluate priorities, take a look at what is serving you and let go of anything that isn’t. These times of reflexion help us to realise what we no longer need and let go, whilst giving us space to look to the future and plan new beginnings. We often think of the new year, or the spring equinox as the best time for starting new things and new beginnings, but it can be equally rewarding to do this during the Autumn equinox, by evaluation all that is happening in your life and trying to find balance whether that be by bringing things to an end or realising new beginnings.

As Balance is the key to this special time of year, cultivating this in your yoga practice is a great way to honor the equinox. Finding balance in your practice will allow for balance between mind and body, between giving and receiving and the balance of your internal and outward facing energies.

I always find that the best way to do yoga is to get on your mat and just allow your body to move. However if you need a little bit of inspiration for poses to really help benefit and honor this equinox, then you can follow along with my video above. I hope you enjoy it.

Lauranza x


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