Toe squats

Stretch your toes for full body wellness

In Chinese medicine, the condition of the feet is crucial to overall health 

and the feet are considered a separate body related to all body parts and organs.

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Chickens at Tribewanted in Umbria, Italy.

Conscious eating. Why i stopped eating meat again.

Ever since I’ve been little I’ve had this love hate relationship with meat, I’ve always been a huge animal lover and hated the thought of eating them but at the same time i was brought up on meat, liked the taste of it, and a meal wasn’t really a meal if meat wasn’t at the center of it.

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fridge full of goodness

The big five day juice cleanse

Last year i did a three days cleanse and it killed me. This year i did five days and it was OK. The trick this year (i think) was coconut water. Not that sugary stuff that you can buy in cans, but pure, natural, not concentrated not added too beautiful natural coconut water. So if i had to give anyone a top tip whilst juicing it would be stoke up on your coconut water and drink throughout the day.

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