Autumn equinox yoga flow class

Autumn equinox yoga flow for Finding balance (video)

This Thursday 22nd September is the Autumn equinox and the perfect time to reflect and bring balance into both your life and your yoga practice.

The Equinox is the point where the sun shines directly over the equator. This only happens twice a year, once in spring and once in Autumn and it signifies the moment when both the day and the night are of equal lengths and light and dark are perfectly balanced. Continue reading “Autumn equinox yoga flow for Finding balance (video)”


Kino and Me

If someone had told me that my ‘Sun Salutations workshop’ at Triyoga with Kino Macgregor would have consisted of 2 hours spent focusing on the first two poses in the sun salutations i probably would have scrunched my face up, raised my right lip in confusion and and said ‘eh!’. But thats exactly what happened. Who woulda thought that lifting your arms above your head and folding forward could be so exhausting. Well not me, but how wrong i was. Continue reading “Kino and Me”